Defense Verdict in Motor Vehicle Accident Case

Tony DiCarlo recently obtained a defense verdict in Craighead County, Arkansas, in a motor vehicle accident negligence case. Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against two defendant drivers alleging that either one or both contributed to the accident. Plaintiff specifically alleged that Mr. DiCarlo’s client was negligent by driving his vehicle into oncoming traffic and striking plaintiff’s vehicle.

Additionally, Mr. DiCarlo’s client filed a cross-claim against the co-defendant driver, alleging that she forced Mr. DiCarlo’s client to strike plaintiff’s vehicle, thereby causing the damages requested by the plaintiff in the case, as well as the damages to the vehicle driven by Mr. DiCarlo’s client.

Following a one-day jury trial, the jury returned a unanimous verdict for Mr. DiCarlo’s client, finding that his client was not negligent, assessing 100% negligence on the part of the co-defendant driver, and awarding damages to Mr. DiCarlo’s client for the necessary repairs to his vehicle.

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