Firm Successfully Defends Suit on Damages

Mike Vanderford and Mark Wankum successfully defended an admitted liability automobile accident case on damages before a Pulaski County jury, October 5-6, 2011. The case arose out of a motor vehicle accident on Christmas Eve 2008 as both drivers were headed home from a local church service. The plaintiff claimed to have sustained serious cervical spine injuries that necessitated a fusion surgery less than three months after the accident. Plaintiff also presented evidence that the surgery caused a tumor on her cervical spine. She received extensive treatment to remove the tumor, allegedly resulting in her permanent and total disability. Despite extensive medical testimony from two well-respected neurosurgeons on behalf of the plaintiff, the jury found that the surgical treatment was unrelated to any trauma caused by the motor vehicle accident. The jury awarded damages of only $100,000, which was significantly less than the $4,000,000 asked for by the plaintiff and significantly less than an offer of judgment filed months before trial.

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